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January Blues? Our Dent Repair Experts Are Here!

January Blues? Our Dent Repair Experts Are Here!

January has got to be one of the worst months for receiving minor dents and causing aggravation among many car owners. With the average person spending over 7% of their life driving, it’s important for you to take care of your vehicle, as if it were your pride and joy.

So why is January so prone to car dents?

Back to work – People are returning to work after the Christmas break, meaning that the roads will be congested with businessmen and women half asleep at their wheel, not wanting to face the reality of their jobs. As a result, collisions are more likely to occur when people are not really paying attention. All it take is for someone to swing in to a parking space and carelessly open their door as they rush to work.

Post-Christmas Sales – everyone loves a good sale! Whether it’s a half-price 50-inch TV or a 40% discount on everything in store, people seem to go insane over a bargain. Consequently, customers are found lugging a number of heavy bags back to the parking lot, failing to take other parked cars into consideration. Heavy shopping bags and rogue shopping trolleys are two of the primary causes for minor dents in a car. If it’s a bundle of clothes, the car will no doubt be safer. Whereas, if it was something heavier, such as a boxed stereo, expect a dent.

New Year Revellers – If you’re parked down a busy high street or near a town centre the chances are your car could be in danger of receiving a dent. Although it’s never done on purpose, people bustling past can easily knock or damage your vehicle.

Some minor dents to a car are simply unpreventable, but can be easily fixed. Where the occasional car owner may simply sigh and drive away without considering their options, there are dent repair experts on hand to sort the problem.

Dent Devils, the UK’s number one dent repair professionals, specialise in Paintless Dent Repair, a fast and affordable dent repair service that promises amazing results.

We aren’t just restricted to small dent repairs either, we are also able to carry out bumper dent repairs, restore any motorcycle dents and will successfully repair the dent in your rental car.

With premium Paintless Dent Removal, our dent repair experts will bring the mobile ding and dent repair service straight to your doorstep! So to eradicate those January blues, get in touch with us today for more information.

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