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6 Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair is the method of removing minor dents and dings from your car body without the need for re-spraying your paintwork. Our approach is non-intrusive and highly effective, as our technicians make use of their specialised tools to get behind the damaged panels. From there they will massage and manipulate the metal back to its former shape. This method is proven to deliver flawless results. In fact, order in the vast majority of cases, you’d never know a dent existed in the first place! If we haven’t convinced you to switch to our way of working already, here are 6 benefits to using PDR…

  1. Affordable. The cost of Paintless Dent Repair is just a fraction of a traditional body shop repair.
  2. Quick. PDR is far less time-consuming than traditional methods. Rather than waiting for days on end to get your car back from a repair shop, you can relax while one of our dent repair experts perform PDR in just a few short hours (or less!)
  3. No paint. There’s a good reason why it’s called “Paintless” Dent Repair! Unlike other methods, there is no painting, sanding, filling, re-spraying or colour-matching necessary, leaving the restoration to look seamless with the rest of your paintwork.
  4. Original paintwork remains. This helps to retain the value of your motor when you come to sell.
  5. Structural integrity remains. This is maintained as body panels are kept intact during the process.
  6. Environmentally friendly. PDR is also a far greener method of minor dent repair, as no harmful fumes or chemicals are released into the atmosphere. So you can relax knowing that you have done your good deed for the day by opting for PDR!

So now you know the top reasons for selecting Paintless Dent Repair, why should you choose Dent Devils? We are the only company that trains and accredits our personnel to a “Master Technician” level, which is no mean feat! In fact, our specialists set the bar for small dent removals throughout the country. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we believe that our level of expertise is invaluable when entrusting your vehicle to a dent repair company.

We take pride in our hard-earned reputation for excellence, so if you’ve had a knock to your vehicle, we can provide you with the highest level of dent removal and customer service. Contact us today for more information.

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