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As Hurricane Henry Approaches, Do You Have The Dent Repair Experts On Speed Dial?

February has only just begun and the many parts of the UK have already encountered the aftermath of one mind blowing hurricane so far this year, with another one fast approaching – Hurricane Henry.

It does not take a fully qualified meteorologist to conclude the potential damage these high winds can cause – especially when it comes to vehicles. With the 90mph wind gushes expected to really affect Scotland, quality dent repair becomes a necessity rather than a luxury.

High winds can cause unwanted dents and dings to your vehicle

All that’s needed is a rush of wind to take a car door from your grasp and knock it into the vehicle next to you. Fortunately, it doesn’t happen all the time, but a majority of situations like this will lead to an unwanted dent to your car’s exterior. You could be as careful as possible when opening your door, but if it’s windy out, it’s more often than not a certainty. Even if you’ve managed to dent another vehicle with the owner present, it’s very likely that you will have to pay to repair the damage. If this is the case, then please give them our contact details – Dent Devils are the UK’s leading Paintless Dent Repair specialists, offering an affordable and convenient mobile dent repair service.

High winds can cause a driver to lose control of steering

It is recommended that during the course of a windy storm, drivers should drive slowly and with extreme caution. Such storms can often cause motorists to lose control of the wheel, regardless of how careful their driving is. Therefore, it’s vital to drive at a slower speed than average as this will prevent maximum damage to your vehicle and potentially decrease the risk of fatality.

If your vehicle does receive minor dents or dings, regardless whether they were storm inflicted or not, Dent Devils can come to you. Our dent removal experts offer a premium Paintless Dent Removal Service from your doorstep, providing a fresh out of the factory finish within hours.

For more information and advice, do not hesitate in giving us a call.

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