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Glue Pulling

minor dent repair, <a href=Most PDR repairs are carried out by pushing slowly and accurately on the rear of the affected area. There are some areas of a vehicle’s bodywork where access to the back of the damage isn’t possible due to strengtheners that are built into the body or twin walled ‘double panels’ that exist in the shell for passenger safety.

Areas such as the side rails of the roof panel, sills, door frames and rear wheel arches are commonly difficult to repair in the conventional manner due to these access issues.

Where access to the back of the dent is difficult we can in many cases still repair the damage using a technique called ‘glue pulling’. The panel is prepared using a degreasing agent to remove and wax or residue that might negatively affect the success of the repair, specialist pdr glue is then heated to its optimum temperature and applied to a plastic glue tab and carefully placed on the dent, once the glue has begun to cool and harden the tab is lifted using a mechanical lifter or specialist slide hammer. Any remaining distortion is addressed using a combination of delicate hammer and tap down techniques.

Glue pulling is an intricate and highly skilled area of paintless dent removal and should not be underestimated as simple.

There are DIY kits available from faceless internet sellers that offer a simple ‘fix to the problem, often advertised as “auto dent repair”, “auto dent removal” or “auto body dent removal.” These diy kits are rarely effective and can often cause more damage when in inexperienced hands.

As with all things you get what you pay for.

Our advice is to call an ATA accredited PDR company and leave paintless dent removal to the professionals.

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