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Avoiding Minor Dents in the City

Cities such as London, where the traffic is often dense and the driving erratic, can be busy at the best of times. This is not great news for car owners who take great pride in their vehicle’s appearance and strive to keep their body work blemish free.

Thankfully, we are an observant bunch at Dent Devils and have vigilantly kept watch on the roads in London and other cities we have worked in across the UK. Taking necessary precautions can save you a lot of hassle, time and money. Here are just a few to be aware of…

Leave plenty of room between vehicles

We know you’re not exactly spoilt for choice when trying to find a parking space when driving around a city, but if you want to keep your vehicle free of minor dents you can afford to be picky. When pulling into a space, make sure you give yourself plenty of room between your vehicle and the car next to you. A car door that has been opened with little consideration for the vehicle next to them, or some lead-footed reversing, could leave you with a nasty looking dent in car panel or bumper.

Park next to a smart looking car

If you ever park next to a heap covered in rust, minor dents and scratches, it is likely that the owner doesn’t care too much for their vehicle (or your vehicle for that matter). As they swing open their car door or race out of a space, another bump to their collection will not make much difference to them, but could leave you with an offensive ding and a hefty bill.

Fortunately, our favourite method of minor dent repair – paintless dent repair – is an efficient, cost effective and ecofriendly solution. If you do ever pick up a knock it’s not the end of the world.

Keep your garage tidy!

It’s not just the city streets where the risk of an unforseen dent is high; your car may not be safe at home either! That is unless you keep your garage tidy, in which case your chance of having to call out the dent repair experts is significantly reduced. An unbalanced box or a precariously placed pot of paint is a dent in car bumper just waiting to happen!

Dent Devils specialise in paintless dent repair. For over 25 years, we have been restoring vehicles across the UK to their former glory. For more information or assistance call us today!

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