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Beware Of Paying Out For Paintless Dent Removal Disasters!

No matter how much care you take on the road and with your vehicle, sometimes dings and dents are unavoidable. Understandably, your first instinct when you bump your car may be to panic and rush to the easiest or nearest option for dent removal, however this is often not the best option.

Some customers have approached us after having a bad experience with a PDR cowboy, or even after attempting to do the job themselves with a DIY kit purchased online. Unfortunately, this often causes additional and unnecessary damage to the car body, making it difficult for even an expert to repair. In some cases, even if the dent has been removed, irreversible damage will be visible on the paintwork; meaning whole new parts may need to be purchased, i.e. more time, hassle and expenditure for you. Other DIY methods found with a simple search online, such as using dry ice and hot glue, are definitely not recommended and could have potentially disastrous effects; even if they do appear to work, it is most likely to be only a temporary fix.

Our technicians may make it look easy, but there is a high level of training needed to perform PDR, which takes years to acquire. Although the process itself is relatively quick, it requires professional manipulation of the car body, using specialist tools and rods. Some inexperienced technicians will leave marks on your paintwork, however we aim to avoid this at all costs. With 25 years of experience at Dent Devils, each dent master is committed to accomplishing an expert finish, with no risk of a ‘botched job’ you may get from PDR amateurs, and we can even come straight to your driveway or doorstep to make the experience as hassle-free as possible.

The key to finding an expert PDR technician is most definitely to ‘do your research!’ and at Dent Devils we can provide a skilled, highly acclaimed service with our carefully trained specialists. It makes sense to get a professional and quality dent repair, so why risk paying out twice when we can do the job properly the first time around?

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