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Paintless Dent Removal also referred to as PDR, is the art of removing minor to moderate dents from cars without the need for fillers. It is a specialist skill that requires the superb hand to eye co-ordination of our dent repair experts along with hours of practice to perfect. Our technicians have specially designed tools at their disposal, which they use to gain access from behind and massage the dent back to its original form.

Unlike your conventional Bodyshop repair, we can have your vehicle repaired within a few hours and its original value restored at a fraction of the cost. As the name suggests, we are able to restore your car without the need for re-spraying, saving time, money and resources. Statistics have proven that PDR is often 60% less costly and providing the paintwork has not been damaged, our experts can use PDR to eliminate the damage caused by hailstones and dents to [...]

Its always seems to be the way, Minor Dents appear on your vehicle when you least expect it, a strong gust of wind creeps up out of nowhere and forces the car door out of your hand and into that solid looking post, pole or generally anything that is harder then your cars door panel. Just because the sun is out doesn’t mean our vehicles are safe from whatever the elements have to offer. Windy weather contributes to a large percentage of minor dents and dings, but they don’t have to ruin your day.

Dent Devils are dent repair experts who have fixed dents caused by all sorts of weather related incidents, from rogue shopping trollies being ushered along by a breeze, next doors dustbin rolling across the road and wedging itself firmly under your car leaving an unsightly dent in the bumper to a gust of wind blowing a loose gate open, directly into [...]

When a minor dent is discovered in your vehicle, buy apart from the immediate reactions of frustration and possibly anger, your next thoughts usually fly to working out the best way to rectify the unfortunate situation. No one wants to end up with a dent ruining the overall look of their car, even if it is on the smaller side of things. To make sure the dent is removed quickly and professionally, using PDR (paintless dent repair) is the top solution. With this tried and tested technique our Dent Devils can get your vehicle looking as good as new- but are all dents good candidates for PDR? The answer is unfortunately, not always. However, paintless dent repair is extremely effective in the following situations:


The vehicles paint should not be cracked or broken– Our expert Dent Devils who have all been trained to master technician level, can use their knowledge and experience to restore [...]


We all look forward to weekends away from home; don’t let Minor Dents spoil your well-earned road trip. Weekends offer an opportunity for us to not just relax and recharge, but the spare time lets us travel away to escape our everyday surroundings. There are a number of exciting journeys that can be taken, especially in the summer months, and according to new research; Essex is one of the top five counties to be visited by families in their spare time. All this extra traffic can lead to gridlocked roads and busy car parks, leading to bumps and dings to your vehicle when away from home which can be disconcerting, especially during your down time.

Dent Devils are dent repair experts that not only offer an affordable dent repair service but if any issue arise while away from home you will be safe in the knowledge that we provide a mobile car dent repair [...]

 ‘I’ve found a dent in my company car’

This is probably not what you want to be thinking when you return to your business vehicle to find unpleasant damage. Fortunately, paintless dent removal may be the answer to perfecting your panels without the need for awkward and time-consuming appointments to your local car garage.

Many insurance policies will automatically cover you and your company vehicle when travelling to your usual place of work, but things can get a little trickier when you have multiple offices or personal cover combined. As you probably know, this type of insurance is costly and so claiming for bumper dent repair or anything else, can have an adverse effects on your premium.

At Dent Devils we offer affordable dent repair, which usually has far less impact on your wallet than paying an insurance excess would. We can carry out bumper dent repair and can remove indentations from any panel of [...]

You’ve just landed from two weeks in the sunshine to discover you need to now remove dents from car. Airport car parks are notorious places for causing damage to your vehicle; this is due to the extremely tight parking spaces, sildenafil the hustle of suitcases and wayward metal baggage trolleys.

It can be infuriating to discover a flaw that needs professional dent repair, especially when you have no idea when, how or who instigated the damage. The sad truth is, some motorists will not leave a note containing their insurance or contact details, and so you could very well be a victim of a dent and run.

Okay, you’ve made it back to the car, after probably the longest walk ever (airports like to make things difficult don’t they) and found that you have damage to your bodywork, but now what? Chances are you’ll need a car dent repair company to remove the unsightly blemish [...]

We all know what it’s like to damage a rental car, adiposity the vehicle that was hired to ease your holiday and get you from A to B now seems like more of a hindrance than a help! To utter the phrase, ‘there’s a dent in my rental car’ is enough to ruin any week away.

As you are probably aware, the much-published issue of car rental companies falsely making profit from already existing damage is rife. It has been well documented that rental car businesses accuse customers of returning the vehicles in an unfit state, when the damage on the car was already present before even being driven off the forecourt!

With this in mind, before you embark on your holiday, if you see a dent in a rental car make sure that you highlight this preexisting damage. Take as many photos of the imperfections as possible, it’s an extremely wise idea to take [...]

In the past decades Dent Devils have removed a countless number of unsightly blemishes from damaged vehicles, ask and through our experience we have become true experts in our field. Our teams of technicians are highly skilled and know precisely how to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

There are two main approaches to Paintless Dent Removal (PDR), these consist of glue pulling or glue PDR and pushing from behind the panel. Both these methods are popular and have a successful track record- but is one technique a better solution then the other when trying to remove unsightly minor dents?

Both approaches have a solid reputation, which is backed up by PDR technicians having plenty to say about the use of each method. However, naturally, there are arguments both for and against each approach. So what do we think?

Glue pulling: This involves exactly as it describes, gently pulling out dents from the front. [...]

 ‘I’ve got a dent in my company car’ is one of the last sentences that you’ll ever want to have to utter to your superior or colleagues. Having new business wheels seems to attract a fair share of damage and your company vehicle can become a magnet to minor dents.

Although your employer should have a corporate insurance policy it can still be an embarrassing conversation to have if you’ve dented a company car, especially if this isn’t the first or second time! Fortunately, there are ways in which you can avoid acquiring the odd ding here or there such as parking in an end space, parking on a drive or garage rather than in the street and leaving your car further away from the shops- yes this means an extra walk, but you’re far less likely to incur any damages.

If you have suffered damage we know how exasperating it can be when you’re blamed [...]

‘I’ve dented my rental car’ you wail! Sadly, find this is an all too common occurrence that we at Dent Devils see very often. But before you let it ruin your trip, pharmacy give us a call to assist with any minor dents that you may have incurred.

It can be infuriating to have to stump up for a dent in a rental car especially when it’s wasn’t your fault. Supermarket trolley dents and even a parking dent are all everyday occurrences that will effect your bodywork, cure but rather than take it straight to a bodyshop or contact your insurance provider, why not consider paintless dent removal?

We are the Dent Devils, and as our name suggests, we are the experts in PDR with over 20 years of valuable experience. Paintless dent removal is carried out by using specialised tools to get behind the panel of your vehicle and skilfully manipulate out an indentation, [...]

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