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Call On The Best Dent Removal Company To Sort Your Parking Dents

Britain is fast becoming a nation of parkers. According to recent studies the average vehicle is parked 96% of the time and spends only 4% of the time on the move. A few years ago, order 800 cars were apparently parked per second and this was down to the number of cars recorded in the UK, advice which had increased by over 25 million since 1950.

Unsurprisingly, advice an increase in the number of vehicles and their size have led to all sorts of parking problems, such as unintentional door banging which leads to knocks and minor dents. Cars are often too long or wide to fit into car parking spaces, a situation that hasn’t been helped by the fact that many multi-storey car parks have chosen to shrink their spaces to accommodate the extra number of vehicles and cash in. This can result in frustrated drivers and parkers anxious about leaving their car in a space that is too tight for too long!

If you have been unfortunate enough to receive a minor dent or knock to your vehicle, there is no better company to turn to than us when it comes to small dent removals!

As the UK’s best dent removal company, we restore thousands of vehicles across the country each week, resulting in happy customers and positive feedback. Our repair methods are not only cost effective, but also convenient.

We have spent over 25 years perfecting our Paintless Dent Repair methods and are prepared to come to a location that is convenient for yourself to complete the job. PDR is affordable, efficient and environmentally friendly. The fact that we don’t have to touch your car’s original paintwork also helps to retain the value of your motor and eliminates any risk of colour mismatching. A minor dent repair, carried out by our dent repair experts, typically costs less than your insurance excess saving drivers from having to make a claim and losing their no claims bonus.

We take great pride in all that we do, so if you notice a minor dent to your vehicle give us a call today and we will see what we can do to help!

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