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Dealer Forecourt Maintenance

shopping trolley dent repair, public dent removal, minor dents,Our highly trained Technicians remove car dents regularly for some 3000 Trade customers every month. Our repeat customers understand that removing dents from cars not only makes their stock more saleable, it is an investment that actually increases stock value. Many have tried to bring dent repairs “in house” without fully understanding that dent removal requires quite a specific skillset. Often vast sums are spent on training their in house car dent remover, before realising that outsourcing this specialist service is actually more cost effective.

Our dealer forecourt service can be bespoke to your individual requirements depending on stock turnover although typically, a technician would visit once per week to inspect your stock and make recommendations where car dent removal would best assist the presentation of your forecourt. Our PDR Technicians pride themselves on not just finding the small dents to repair, but on volunteering for some of the larger challenges that other dent removers often shy away from.

We understand that occasionally accidents happen just prior to delivery and that there may be a need to remove dents from a car at short notice. Our technicians will always endeavour, where possible, to accommodate your needs and deliver the vehicle on time to your customer. Where this is not possible, we can organise removing dents from car at your customer’s home address at most locations throughout the UK.

You can be assured that all our technicians carry significant PL Insurance cover, work to a method statement bespoke to your needs and will only commence dent repairs once the required authorisation has been given.

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