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Having your car fixed once it has been dented or damaged is stressful enough as it is without the added worry of finding a trusted professional to do the job properly. There is nothing worse than paying someone to work on your pride and joy and they are either untrained or carry out a sub standard job.

In recent years, there has been a rise in this kind of scam. People are getting caught out by these scam artists who charge a lot of money to repair damage that they aren’t qualified to fix. As people are so keen to have their dents repaired as soon as possible, their haste and lack of research into the company or individual carrying out the repairs is exploited. With simple planning and a few tips, you can avoid being the next victim of these car repair con artists.

Thoroughly check any individual or company you plan to use [...]

With the elements working together to create terrible driving conditions, cheap motorists should be preparing themselves for the dreaded pothole. For those of you who are not aware, hospital many roads develop deep divots, here commonly known as potholes, around early spring. They form after water seeps down below into the cracks and freezes, loosening the road surface. According to the AA, the average pot-hole claim costs around £1,300.

Deep potholes can cause serious damage to your vehicle and increase the risk of you losing control as you are driving. You’ll find that even driving over them at a low speed can not only cause dents to form but may also damage your tyres and wheels.
The most simple way to protect your vehicle is to keep an eye out for ruts of any size, taking extra care on wet roads which may hide http://buycialisquality.com water-filled potholes.
If you happen to hit one, stop in [...]

It doesn’t matter where the damage to your care is so long as its not disastrous and our technicians can gain access to the dent from behind. If your dent fits these criteria our skilled professionals will be able to restore the area to its factory finish. This reliable method has been used since 1974, cost whilst tweaked and changed according to ever changing vehicle designs.

A ding from another car door or low impact knock usually results in minor damage. Our skilled technicians see this kind of dent daily and it doesn’t pose them any problems. Larger softer dents can often be repaired with PDR (Paintless Dent Repair). We have developed special tools that allow us to gain access to areas we were previously unable to reach and as the paintwork remains unaltered, viagra there is no risk of a colour mismatch. Another advantage of using Dent Devils is your warranty will remain intact [...]

Here at Dent Devils, we run a recruitment programme that is second to none! We truly believe that technical and indepth training is the key to our excellence, which is why our customers expect nothing less! We put franchisees through their paces by way of our intensive training programme, which typically takes 3 months at our custom built facility. We cover every key area of dent repair with our new technicians in detail. To provide a fair comparison our competitors offer courses that last only a few days and consist of training through the use of a video. We believe that hands on experience and practice alongside our professionals is far more beneficial and is the reason why our expert technicians are able to carry out their work to the highest standard, in the quickest time, for the best price!

Our training covers key areas such as an introduction to panel restoration, the practice of techniques [...]

Winter is a time for fun-filled festivities in the lead up to Christmas and the first few months of the New Year. People are often travelling around the country visiting friends and family, for sale attending parties and of course shopping frantically in the sales. All of which may be good fun but is often bad news for car owners.

Perhaps you are out shopping in the sales, only to return to your car and find in the midst of the manic car parking, someone’s swung their door into the side of yours. Or, maybe even a rogue shopping trolley has spoilt the look of your lovely car.
You could even find yourself having packed the car for a weekend at friends over New Year and whilst hurriedly heading off to miss the traffic, you clip into the wheelie bin precariously positioned on your drive!

To make matters worse, statistics show that as temperatures [...]

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