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Dent Removal Technicians Talk: Crash for Cash

You may have recently heard the term “Crash for cash” floating around. So what exactly is it?

Crash for Cash is when someone will deliberately smash his or her vehicle into another with the intention of claiming on the other persons insurance. They usually target new drivers as the premium for younger drivers costs more than an experienced driver.

There are three main types of “Crash for cash” tactics:

One is where two people will purposely crash into each other and claim on each other’s insurance. This is usually performed by friends or family and obviously the crash will be planed before hand.

“Crash for cashers’ also endanger the public, pill they do this by driving on a road at reasonable speed when all of a sudden they will sharply break without warning making the vehicle behind them hit their car, find allowing them to claim on the insurance of the person who was allegedly ‘at fault.’

These fraudsters also make claims on accidents that have simply never happened, in doing so scamming the insurance company and/or another individual. Statistically “Crash for cashers” cost the insurance company’s over £350 million every year, and over 30,000 “crash for cash” incidents happen every year.

In addition to gaining money from the innocent who were hit, their insurance premiums rise by an average of £44. Shockingly study found that one in twenty drivers under the age of 35 have committed such crime.

So how do you stay safe when driving?
The best way to protect yourself is to not drive too close to other cars, drive safely, don’t break speed limits and follow road signs. If you are hit make sure to stay calm, don’t admit liability for the crash if it’s not your fault; but of course if you’ve been hit and it was your mistake you do need to tell the truth.

We hope this information is helpful and if your vehicle incurs a knock rather than a crash then you know who to call… your dedicated Dent Devils team!

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