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Dent Devils and Minor Dent Repair: Is Your Vehicle A Candidate?

When a minor dent is discovered in your vehicle, buy apart from the immediate reactions of frustration and possibly anger, your next thoughts usually fly to working out the best way to rectify the unfortunate situation. No one wants to end up with a dent ruining the overall look of their car, even if it is on the smaller side of things. To make sure the dent is removed quickly and professionally, using PDR (paintless dent repair) is the top solution. With this tried and tested technique our Dent Devils can get your vehicle looking as good as new- but are all dents good candidates for PDR? The answer is unfortunately, not always. However, paintless dent repair is extremely effective in the following situations:


  • The vehicles paint should not be cracked or broken– Our expert Dent Devils who have all been trained to master technician level, can use their knowledge and experience to restore your vehicle to it’s factory finish, but this can only be completed to the perfected appearance that we strive for if the paint work has not been damaged. The tools we use enter the vehicles bodywork from behind, leaving the exterior of your car untouched, so if the dent or ding have already affected the paintwork, then we would recommend seeing a car re-sprayer after we have manipulated out a blemish.


  • Dents of all sizes- Here at Dent Devils we are asked if there is such thing as a dent being too big. We have helped motor owners with tiny dings caused by hail, to much larger dents derived from accidents in car parks and other careless drivers hitting their vehicles. Our tools are designed for specific jobs and we make sure we know which ones to use and when.


  • A dent on the panel edges- PDR has changed the face of the industry but not all dents can be fixed, and this is usually down to the position of the offending ding. If the problem is on the panel edges of the car, access to the underside of the panel is extremely difficult. Some panel edges can be seamed together along with another sheet of metal. This will make it impossible to gain access with the PDR tools. In certain situations, we will use a glue pulling method, where no access behind the cars skin is needed.


Here at Dent Devils we take great pride in our work and want all of our customer’s vehicles to look as good as they did when they left the forecourt. Get in touch today with our professional team to see how PDR can benefit you.

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