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Dent in my company car: Repair Your Vehicle Without Damaging Your Excess

 ‘I’ve found a dent in my company car’

This is probably not what you want to be thinking when you return to your business vehicle to find unpleasant damage. Fortunately, paintless dent removal may be the answer to perfecting your panels without the need for awkward and time-consuming appointments to your local car garage.

Many insurance policies will automatically cover you and your company vehicle when travelling to your usual place of work, but things can get a little trickier when you have multiple offices or personal cover combined. As you probably know, this type of insurance is costly and so claiming for bumper dent repair or anything else, can have an adverse effects on your premium.

At Dent Devils we offer affordable dent repair, which usually has far less impact on your wallet than paying an insurance excess would. We can carry out bumper dent repair and can remove indentations from any panel of your vehicle by using paintless dent repair (PDR) techniques. PDR banishes the use of fillers or re-spraying and instead incorporates expert knowledge and tools to get behind the dent underneath your panel. From here our highly skilled Dent Devil will delicately and precisely massage out the blemish from the underside- leaving your vehicle restored to its factory finish without touching any of the original paintwork.

When recruiting someone to perform PDR you need to be sure of the experience of the specialist and it’s company. There are often a few cowboys in the dent repair industry, as with most trades, and so it really does pay to do your homework- it’s truly worth hiring the best when it comes to a dented company car.

Dent Devils have over two decades experience and a glowing track record, not only are we the experts in paintless dent repair but we also offer quality, affordable dent repair services. Our Dent Devils can come to your home, office or any place convenient to you to carry out a restoration and on average we will have your vehicle returned to its prime in under two hours.

If you are thinking ‘I have a dent in my company car, what do I do now?’ then look no further. Please click here to contact a member of our friendly team to discuss your vehicle and receive a competitive quote.


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