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Dent In My Company Car

 ‘I’ve got a dent in my company car’ is one of the last sentences that you’ll ever want to have to utter to your superior or colleagues. Having new business wheels seems to attract a fair share of damage and your company vehicle can become a magnet to minor dents.

Although your employer should have a corporate insurance policy it can still be an embarrassing conversation to have if you’ve dented a company car, especially if this isn’t the first or second time! Fortunately, there are ways in which you can avoid acquiring the odd ding here or there such as parking in an end space, parking on a drive or garage rather than in the street and leaving your car further away from the shops- yes this means an extra walk, but you’re far less likely to incur any damages.

If you have suffered damage we know how exasperating it can be when you’re blamed for a dented company car when it wasn’t your fault. But before you reporting any issues you may want to refer to your contract to see if you have an excess to pay. You represent your employer, and therefore need to portray your organisation in a professional and clean manner, which means that, sadly, driving around with a dent in the company car could be potentially off-putting to prospective clients.

To avoid embarrassment and any extra fees, why not contact Dent Devils to discuss paintless dent removal today?

PDR is a efficient yet effective indent removal method, and as the name suggests, is carried out without the need for filling and respraying your dented company car. Our specialist technicians use a method that gently and precisely ‘massages’ out the impression from behind the damaged area, leaving your panel picture perfect and ready to drive away. There’s no need for your vehicle to wait in a conventional bodyshop for days as the Dent Devils can come to wherever is most convenient to you and repair your vehicle within a matter of hours.

PDR is the fastest way to restore the dent in a company car and once we are finished, your bodywork will be reinstated to it’s factory finish. We ultimately repair your panels for a fraction of the cost and at an exquisite level.

We at Dent Devils have been in the PDR business for over 20 years and we truly know what we are talking about when it comes to removing any blemishes on your dented company car. So if you need help, contact a member of our team today for a direct quote and any additional information about paintless dent removal that you may wish to ask. 


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