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Dent In My Rental Car

You should always carry out a careful inspection for minor dents when accepting a rental car. This is imperative as it can affect what happens when you return the vehicle. Before accepting your rental car, find you should note all of the scratches, medications dents or marred paint on the vehicle. Many times an agent will appear to be in a hurry, find but you shouldn’t let them rush you. Ensure that you have your mobile phone to hand so that you can document any existing damage. Don’t let laziness catch you out!

If you happen to notice any scratches or minor dents on your rental car whilst in possession, take a photo of the damage and note the time, place and circumstances. If the damage happens to be extensive you should consider contacting a public dent removal service immediately. The last thing you would want is for the hire company to charge you too much for an incident that can be easily resolved.

We recommend that you also thoroughly inspect your rental car hours before its return, in the same way that you examined before you drove off in it. This way you will have time to refill the fuel tank, collect your personal belongings and look over the exterior for scratches or other damage. More often than not, you will be able to contact Dent Devils, a paintless dent repairer, and we will be able to correct the problem, expertly, in a matter of hours.

When you return the car to the agency, you should always insist on a complete walk around inspection of the car with a representative. In turn this would avoid any unpleasant surprise of damage charges added to your credit card without your prior knowledge. If you spot any obvious issues beyond normal wear and tear, point it out to the agent and ask for a written report of the problems with a repair estimate.

There are going to be occasions when the damage is that extensive, you will need to get the insurance company involved. In which case, you will need to hear back from them so that you know what the next step is. Note all conversations you have over the phone and retain all the paperwork, even after the claim is settled. Just in case, it is brought up months later at least then you’ll have evidence to fall back on.

For those of you who aren’t thinking of hiring a rental car any time soon, it is still advised that you check your vehicle every now and then for minor dents. It could be hiding underneath a sheet of dirt, where you haven’t cleaned your car for a while. Fortunately, at Dent Devils we don’t just repair small dents. In fact, we have been servicing cars throughout the UK since 1974 and are recognised as the premier solution for dent removal. If you’re looking for a high quality dent repairer, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!


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