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Meet our technician - Jon Taylor

I’m Jon Taylor and I came to work in the dent repair trade by accident really.
Having always been a bit of a car nut (especially when it comes to the old air-cooled vw’s), but proving to myself that l am certainly no mechanic, Dent Repair sounded like an excellent opportunity.
Before my interview at Dent Devil HQ l had never seen PDR carried out and had pretty much no clue about how they went about it apart from the limited information that was available on the internet at the time.In January of 2002 the uphill struggle to learn PDR began and that first week is one of the toughest l can remember (and the following 11 weren’t much better!)IMG_8403-2
The training given by Dent Devils to their franchisees is the toughest, longest and most comprehensive in the industry and it is at least 3 months and 5 stages of testing before being allowed near an actual repair on a car. Even by this stage you are still only considered good enough to go out on your own and continue learning. It generally takes 18 months to 2 years practicing and persistence to get to a competent stage.
After a few years on the road l was given the opportunity to travel with a team out to Europe to repair cars that had been damaged in hail storms. This was another very steep learning curve having to fix cars with hundreds of dents all over the roof, bonnets etc.

In 2010 a new quality assurance scheme was created by the lnstitute for the Motor lndustry and so at the earliest opportunity l signed myself up to be assessed and in October that year l was considered to be of Master Technician standard, something that has still only been achieved by less than 100 pdr technicians in the UK.

I have now been repairing dents for over 13 years here in East Sussex and l have many loyal and satisfied customers. I feel that l am in a very fortunate position as the general public become more aware of the paintless dent repair process and the fact that some damage can be removed without the need to fill and paint their cars.
Previously most of our dent repair work was for the motor trade, manufacturers, car dealers and the like, we now do more work for retail customers.
This l find far more satisfying as it is a great feeling to be able to return someone’s pride and joy back to its factory finish after it has been damaged, something that no other form of repair can achieve. So often our customers are amazed at what we are able to fix and it is a pleasure to see their reaction when they see the results.The industry is growing at an amazing rate and each year l find myself even busier than l was the year before. It is a trade that is constantly improving with new tools and new skills giving us the ability to repair more complex dents and fix damage that before was impossible. This makes for a very bright future considering l love what l do and love to make people happy by repairing their cherished vehicles.
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