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Repair Small Dent on your Dented Car – Insurance Series Part One

I have A Dent, recipe Do I Claim On My Insurance?

Being involved in a collision or finding out that your car has been damaged can be an extremely frustrating and upsetting experience. Returning to dented bodywork when your pride and joy was once pristine can be hugely stressful, especially when no note has been left to explain the incident.

But is it worth claiming on your insurance? Before you decide on the next steps to take, you should contemplate the amount of no clams you have built up and the outlay of your excess. So if you clipped your boot whilst reversing into your drive it will not make financial sense to claim and will be cheaper long term to pay out of your own pocket.

Will Thomas, motor insurance expert at Confused.com, believes that motorists may benefit from doing their homework when it comes to low value claims, regardless of who is to blame: “It is quite straightforward to work out what the impact of a claim on your future premiums could be.”

Contrastingly, an AA representative states: “Strictly speaking, you should declare all events, whether you claim or not, to your insurer. The reason is that damage might have compromised safety in some way.”

Whichever route you decide to take when faced with a dent in your beloved vehicle, taking time to ensure that your car is safe to drive is of paramount importance.

Here at Dent Devils, we love your bodywork as much as you do and our skilfully trained technicians are second to none when it comes to removing an impression from your vehicle. We are the experts in paintless dent removal (PDR), which means that unlike bodyshops, we employ unique methods to eliminate your dent in a completely green way, without the need for paint, harmful fumes and with the use of special tools.

Please call us to speak with a member of the team regarding any questions you may have.

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