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Glue pulling VS Paintless Dent Removal

In the past decades Dent Devils have removed a countless number of unsightly blemishes from damaged vehicles, ask and through our experience we have become true experts in our field. Our teams of technicians are highly skilled and know precisely how to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

There are two main approaches to Paintless Dent Removal (PDR), these consist of glue pulling or glue PDR and pushing from behind the panel. Both these methods are popular and have a successful track record- but is one technique a better solution then the other when trying to remove unsightly minor dents?

Both approaches have a solid reputation, which is backed up by PDR technicians having plenty to say about the use of each method. However, naturally, there are arguments both for and against each approach. So what do we think?

Glue pulling: This involves exactly as it describes, gently pulling out dents from the front. However this technique can be slower than PDR and if dents are sharp and deep it will certainly improve them, but may not resolve the issue entirely.
When certain dents are hard to reach and access is limited from behind, glue pulling comes into its own and tends to be the easier and simplest option.

Paintless dent removal: This requires special tools that fit behind the panel in order to gently massage the damaged area back into its original shape from the underside. A clear and substantial benefit to this way of fixing dents is the minimal contact the tools will have on any paintwork. It is worth knowing that if dings are particularly deep they become more difficult to repair, but our Dent Devils are always up for the challenge.
Using PDR allows the car owner to maintain their car’s value once fixed as the factory finish has not been altered, another added bonus to this technique is how quick this particular approach is- resulting in a far faster turn around time than leaving your car with a conventional garage. The need for filling or repainting is not necessary when using PDR, which is why it’s our first point of call when it come to removing dents.

Paintless dent removal has a 15 year advance on glue pulling techniques, this means that it’s a tried and tested method and has subsequently been practiced a higher number of times, this is not to suggest that glue pulling does not have a solid place in the industry because it’s a fantastic and much used plan B. At Dent Devils, where PDR is applicable, it’s preferable but we would never discount the prospective benefits of glue pulling.

Here at Dent Devils we offer a second to none professional service that will have your dented vehicle back on the road in no time. We have been restoring motors, throughout the UK, for over 20 years and pride ourselves on the pristine look of your perfect bodywork.
For more information and advice on paintless dent repair, or for a quote, get in touch with us today on 0843 178 1000 or click here.

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