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Help – Dent In My Rental Car And No Insurance!

We all know what it’s like to damage a rental car, adiposity the vehicle that was hired to ease your holiday and get you from A to B now seems like more of a hindrance than a help! To utter the phrase, ‘there’s a dent in my rental car’ is enough to ruin any week away.

As you are probably aware, the much-published issue of car rental companies falsely making profit from already existing damage is rife. It has been well documented that rental car businesses accuse customers of returning the vehicles in an unfit state, when the damage on the car was already present before even being driven off the forecourt!

With this in mind, before you embark on your holiday, if you see a dent in a rental car make sure that you highlight this preexisting damage. Take as many photos of the imperfections as possible, it’s an extremely wise idea to take pictures of the car the moment you get the keys, and to make sure that the staff make a note of your findings before you drive away to prevent any potential false accusations.

If you find that during your lease you stumble upon a dent in a rental car it’s imperative to know what steps to take after discovering any unsightly damage, not only for your safety, but also for when it comes to your financial cover. If you took the liberty of purchasing insurance for dents, then the issue can be left with the company covering you and you shouldn’t need to worry too much. However, the difficulty comes when you’re using your own insurance, have extortionately high excess or, sadly, you’re not insured at all! Car hire insurance is renowned for being one of the most difficult to deal with and the waters can quickly become incredibly murky. There is often time limits on filing a claim and lots of paper work to fill out, which has to be emailed, scanned or submitted using various difference means and this is without mentioning the time spent on the phone!

Dent Devils can offer the perfect solution if you’re wailing ‘There’s a dent in my rental car’. You can now avoid expensive insurance premiums and simply come to us for affordable dent repair. We can save you the hassle of dealing with car rental companies by providing a simple and eco-friendly paintless dent repair service. We’re mobile and have a nationwide reach, so can come directly to a location convenient to you in order to undertake our premium paintless dent repairs. We’ve been perfecting the art of PDR for over 20 years and so where dent repair is concerned we are the supreme team for the job.

For affordable dent repair, contact our technicians today for a quote!

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