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Hitting the road on the weekend, Dent Devils Minor Dent Repair putting your mind at ease.


We all look forward to weekends away from home; don’t let Minor Dents spoil your well-earned road trip. Weekends offer an opportunity for us to not just relax and recharge, but the spare time lets us travel away to escape our everyday surroundings. There are a number of exciting journeys that can be taken, especially in the summer months, and according to new research; Essex is one of the top five counties to be visited by families in their spare time. All this extra traffic can lead to gridlocked roads and busy car parks, leading to bumps and dings to your vehicle when away from home which can be disconcerting, especially during your down time.

Dent Devils are dent repair experts that not only offer an affordable dent repair service but if any issue arise while away from home you will be safe in the knowledge that we provide a mobile car dent repair service to help in your time of need. We will travel to you so that no plans need to be changed, leaving you to carry on with your weekend activities. We also offer Bumper Dent Repair as well, so you really are covered should any unfortunate accidents happen.

As long as the damage to your car is not extensive and the paint has not been http://www.aldaorg.net stretched, we will use PDR (paintless dent repair) to make sure there is no sign that the dent even existed in the first place. This method is so effective that it also means your warranty will remain untouched as we really do leave no trace of any work taking place.

What is Paintless Dent Repair: P.D.R is a procedure in which our dent removal experts use specialised tools to gain access behind the panels of the vehicle that need repairing and massage the dents out. This will maintain your cars value and of course that all-important appearance, putting your mind at rest. We ensure that no chemicals are used in our process, this way Dent Devils make sure that no harmful emissions are released into the environment when away on your countryside breaks and family retreat.

Dent Devils can help your break away from home go as smoothly as you originally planned it to be, if the dents are due to a small knock with a vehicle or fence post, hailstones, or from debris being flicked up from the road our experienced team will be happy to help. Contact us today and do not let your weekend plans get ruined.



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