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How Accurate Is Paintless Dent Repair?

At Dent Devils, we specialise in Paintless Dent Repair throughout the UK. One concern that seems to crop up again and again is whether there will be any noticeable marks left on the paintwork or car body after the dent removal has taken price, i.e. how accurate is PDR in completely eradicating dents?

To put it simply, PDR is the most efficient method for removing dings and dents and in the vast majority of cases, metal panels will look flawless and entirely as they were originally. Our Master Technicians set the bar for PDR expertise across the country with their high level of training. This means they know how to expertly use specialist tools and massage dented metal so close to its original shape, that any previous damage is entirely undetectable.

Most methods that conventional body shops offer include filling and grinding, which can often damage or destroy a car’s original factory paint. At Dent Devils, we never harm your paintwork, meaning there is no need for re-spraying or primer, which could add hundreds to your bill. What’s more, there’s no filler degradation to worry about a few years down the line.

The Dent Devils team have been performing quality dent repair for over 20 years and we have around 1000 happy customers every single day across the UK! Our fantastic testimonials just go to prove that great customer service is at the heart of what we do, which means a friendly, reliable and convenient mobile dent repair service at competitive prices.

If you have had a knock to your car and are in need of a trustworthy specialist, give us a call today or fill out an enquiry form. We can send one of our fantastic technicians to directly to you. So why not see for yourself and find out why we are the UK’s leading dent removal company!


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