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Minor Dent repair experts: Help I have a Dent in my rental car!

rental car dent

We will frequently turn to a rental car when we are desperate for transport and unless you are treating yourself to a cruise in a luxury vehicle; the chances are you have already had a bad week and your own car is either being repaired or has given up on you completely.
So while driving around in a hired vehicle is convenient the responsibility of making sure it is well looked after and returned to the forecourt in the same condition is completely in your hands. Here at DentDevils, troche we often receive calls from panicked customers crying “I have a dent in my rental car” but there really is no need to worry as we have the answer.

Hire companies usually offer a fixed price insurance waiver, which covers the vehicle in case of any damage. This doesn’t always come cheap, and the added cost usually means drivers decide not to take them up on their offer. In the event that your leased car is damaged, you could leave yourself open to an expensive bill if that waiver was not purchased. So what should you do?

DentDevils can make sure that your rental car dent is dealt with quickly and efficiently. We use a specialist method known as PDR (paintless dent removal) which means our technicians will have you and your vehicle back on the road http://www.isotretinoin-online.org without the worry of any excess charges being incurred after you return the keys.

Traditional bodyshop repair methods can take too long to complete and prove very expensive. If the damaged vehicle is due to be returned soon, you’re most probably thinking that the dent in your rental car is going to cost a small fortune. If so, think again. We will send one of our highly experienced technicians to a location that is convenient to you, to rectify the damage as soon as possible.

It is vital that you make sure only trained professionals remove your dent. Don’t take any risks with unknown companies or ‘try their luck’ cowboys; it could end up costing you more in the long run. Paintless dent removal is a delicate procedure that needs the experience of a specialist. Each one of our DentDevils are trained to become master technicians so you know the quality of our work is completed to a high standard.

As you can see there are a number of advantages to using the professional service that DentDevils have to offer. With a wealth of experience in minor dent repairs we really are the affordable dent repair experts. Get in touch with us to today.


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