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Minor Dent Repair For When The Weather Worsens

With autumn on its way, the tail end of the summer sunshine still clings on for the end of September! However, wet and windy weather is common for the coming months.

To avoid minor dents to your car everyone knows you must be careful when the roads are wet; however, the majority of our dent removal enquiries come from those who have fallen victim to a sudden gust of wind!
Debris from low hanging trees can be blown from the branches on to a car bonnet. Slates, tiles, fencing and gates can also all be caught in a gust and hit your vehicle but the most common item to cause damage happens to be wheelie bins on your own drive! Rolling in the wind, like they’ve got a mind of their own, we’ve seen them cause some unsightly dents.

The other problem we see regularly involving stationary cars in busy areas is car doors being flung open in a gust; the wind whips up and uses your open door as a sail.
On a four door vehicle it’s a problem but a car with just two doors tend to suffer due to them being longer and having a larger surface area, therefore they catch more wind and hit the car next door sooner and harder.
It’s incidents like these that leave many people looking for the best dent removal company to repair the damage!

A dent master from Dent Devils can carry out dent removal and bumper dent repairs at your home or at work, one of the many perks of being a company that provides mobile dent repair. Our expert technicians provide a fast and efficient service for the best price.

Accidents happen, but high winds are definitely something more people should be aware of. Be cautious about where you park if it feels windy; avoid parking under trees, wedge your wheelie bin somewhere safe so it can’t escape and always be careful in busy car parks.

The majority of the time minor dents that happen as a result of the windy weather occur when the cars are stationary; it is therefore not the drivers fault and the incident can’t be helped. What can be helped however, is the damage left behind by the rogue wheelie bin or tumbling tree branch!

Give Dent Devils a call today for quality dent repairs at a time and place convenient for you!

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