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Minor dent repair – The environmentally friendly way

You could be forgiven in thinking that once minor dents have been spotted on your vehicle, it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg trying to get it fixed. There are a number of companies out there who will make a minor dent a major job, when all you really need is the help of some experienced professionals.

Here at DentDevils we pride ourselves on our expertise in the use of paintless dent removal. What’s more, PDR is non-toxic, so not only do we look out our customers; we look after the environment while doing so.

How is PDR environmentally friendly?


  • Paintless Dent Repair involves no paint or re-spraying at all. Meaning that no toxic paint fumes are released.
  • The threat of paint thinners being swept into public draining systems is completely eliminated, so there is no risk of harming any water supplies.
  • Unlike traditional bodyshops where entire panels get replaced to solve unsightly dents, we treat the damaged area directly, manipulating the affected area back to its original form. This way there is no waste or scrap material and PDR is not adding to landfill sights.
  • The use of PDR has an outstanding turnaround time. With labour adding substantially to the total cost of a garage, the quicker a job can be completed the easier it will be to keep costs to a minimum. So how does this help the environment? Where the procedure is so quick, less electricity is used compared to other tools and techniques used.
  • No rubbing down, paint or chemicals is required when carrying out PDR, so it really is a green way of removing dents.

Along-side the environmental benefits; PDR is a dent removal method that can be taken directly to our customers. DentDevils offer a mobile dent repair service for our your convenience. This allows our technicians to get to work, fixing damaged vehicles at a location of the client’s choice. Mobile dent repair gives you the opportunity to carry on with their day, without any interruptions.

If there is any doubt on who to call when minor dents make an appearance on your vehicle, there needn’t be. DentDevils have the experience, equipment, are mobile and conscious of how our business affects the environment. Call us on 01206 751536 today, and see what benefits we can offer you and the environment, leaving your car dent free whilst retaining it’s value.


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