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Minor dent repair using PDR

Whether the vehicle you’re using on a daily basis is privately owned or commercial, remedy if you are involved in an incident that has left your means of transportation in need of minor dent repair, turning to a traditional body shop could end up costing you a small fortune.

These days there is an alternative. An method that is affordable, efficient, and convenient, Paintless dent repair.

If you are reading this and thinking to yourself ‘what is paintless dent repair?’ wonder no more! DentDevils are the UK’s number one dent removal experts and leaders in our field and are more than qualified to explain exactly what it is.

Paintless dent repair, also referred to as PDR, is a technique that requires a high level of skill to complete to a high standard. Using this method for minor dent repair involves mending your cars dents and dings with little to no contact with your vehicles original paintwork. This ultimately means the time spent working on the car is reduced, so the cost to our customers is much more affordable compared to traditional bodyshop methods.

Our friendly technicians use specialist tools to gain access behind the damaged area of your car and meticulously work the dent out until your car is looking as good as new!

It’s easy to see why paintless dent repair is becoming the most popular method of dent restoration and when you include the added convenience of our incredibly fast turn around to the list of positives, it no surprise DentDevils are the go to dent repair experts.

When time is against you and your vehicle is in need of minor dent repair, you will not need to re-arrange your schedule, DentDevils will send a technician to a location convenient to you and work on the damaged area while you carry on with your busy day.

As we have mentioned above, there are a great number of benefits to using PDR especially when industry experts carry it out. Next time you require expert dent removal, get in touch with DentDevils for an affordable, high quality service.

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