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Minor Dent repair vs the weather

Its always seems to be the way, Minor Dents appear on your vehicle when you least expect it, a strong gust of wind creeps up out of nowhere and forces the car door out of your hand and into that solid looking post, pole or generally anything that is harder then your cars door panel. Just because the sun is out doesn’t mean our vehicles are safe from whatever the elements have to offer. Windy weather contributes to a large percentage of minor dents and dings, but they don’t have to ruin your day.

Dent Devils are dent repair experts who have fixed dents caused by all sorts of weather related incidents, from rogue shopping trollies being ushered along by a breeze, next doors dustbin rolling across the road and wedging itself firmly under your car leaving an unsightly dent in the bumper to a gust of wind blowing a loose gate open, directly into your cars bodywork. These are all unfortunate situations our master accredited technicians have seen time and time again.

In these instances there is a simple answer to the situation, Dent Devils are the U.K’s number one dent removal experts and will handle dents in vehicles bodywork as well as bumper dent repair. If you need Minor dent repair in a hurry, then we also offer a mobile dent repair service so that we can work on your vehicle without you having to re-schedule your day. If the offending dent happens to be large or small, we use our specialized tools to remove it, in most cases, without having to touch the exterior of the car. Our technicians use P.D.R (paintless dent removal) to gently manipulate the ‘skin’ of your car by gaining access from the underside, this means you can drive away with a factory looking finish.lL

Our methods are generally less costly than bodyshop restorations and providing the vehicles paintwork has not been damaged there shouldn’t be any need for re-spraying. We strive for peak customer satisfaction, and know that time can be of the essence; so on average minor dents will take us between 1 – 3 hours to restore.

Yes accidents happen and yes dents can be infuriating, but with the right knowledge and expertise, dent removal can be affordable and quick to rectify.

We are the U.K’s professional dent repair experts; get in contact with us today to see how we can help.


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