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Minor Dents To Look Out For In Used Cars

If you’re thinking of buying a used car, it is important to know what you are looking for and how to get the best deal. You need to carry out all of the necessary checks on the vehicle’s history, previous http://www.diazepamonlinestore.com owners and whether it has been written off for any reason. One thing most prospective buyers often overlook are minor dents to the car’s bodywork. Normally there is an assumption that dent repair experts would have restored these unwanted dents already, however this is not always the case.

We recommend walking round the vehicle and inspecting it for any damage yourself. If not, weeks could pass before you realise that there was a dent that you could’ve used as a tool to bargain money off of your purchase. Always take your time when checking and inspecting so the following areas are not missed:

Bumpers – If the previous http://www.diazepamonlinestore.com owner struggled with parking, this area of the vehicle will be damaged the most. When navigating into a space, the previous http://www.diazepamonlinestore.com owner may have knocked into the car behind, or even into a post without necessarily noticing that they have left a dent in car bumper.

Doors – From rogue shopping trolleys and wheelie bins to someone carelessly opening their car door, it doesn’t take much for minor dents to appear in a cars side panel. Sometimes, these can be the faintest of indentations, which the previous http://www.diazepamonlinestore.com owner may have decided to ignore or failed to realise. Regardless, the damage will still show up in a particular light and will require a minor dent repair.

Around the keyhole and handle – The previous http://www.diazepamonlinestore.com owner fumbling around for the lock in the dark, or opening the door with a set of car keys in their hand can cause dents to this area. We recommend feeling the around the keyhole and handle for any indentation.

Wing mirrors – If the vehicle has been regularly parked on the side of busy streets, there is a strong chance that the wing mirrors may be dented. Furthermore, a person could have brushed past when walking in a busy car park and knocked it.

Unfortunately, if the paintwork has been scratched, the professionals at Dent Devils will not be able to restore your car. We specialise in Paintless Dent Repair, an affordable, efficient and eco-friendly dent repair method. If the paintwork has not been touched, one of our dent repair experts will have any car dents repaired within hours at a location that’s convenient for you.

If you’ve already purchased the vehicle and have noticed some minor dents or wish to get your car ready to sell – your local Dent Devil can give you a free, no obligation quote. Give us a call or fill out an enquiry form now!

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