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Mobile Dent Repair Birmingham

Whether you are someone who frequently visits the Bull Ring in Birmingham or takes on one of Britain’s most intimidating road systems, check Spaghetti Junction, pill you may find that you need to call on one of our dent repair experts.

Birmingham is home to the 5th busiest Mcdonald’s in the world and some of the most infuriating and slow moving roads in Europe! Is it any wonder that it doesn’t take much for an accident to happen?

Whether you have a door ding or a dent on your wing, ailment we have the man for the job, Dent Devils’ very own Darren Smith.

Darren has been carrying out mobile dent repair in Birmingham with us since 2004. He has developed a keen eye for detail and a strong customer base.

Darren has always shown an enthusiasm for vehicles, starting off as a trainee mechanic when he first left school. Since then, he has continued to gain industry-related experience and qualifications before finally reaching the pinnacle of his career and completing his IMI QAA award in 2012. Now, Darren can call himself a Master Technician, a feat achieved by less than 100 PDR technicians in the UK.

No matter where Darren goes or what car he works on, his main aim is to always deliver an excellent service and first rate dent repair Birmingham.

Paintless Dent Repair, also referred to as PDR, is a technique he has learnt and perfected over time. So long as the paintwork has remained intact, he will be able to restore your car without the need for fillers or paint. As a result, any risk of mismatching the paint is eliminated.

As well as being eco-friendly, PDR is also very efficient and reasonably priced. Regardless of where you are based, Darren covers all of Birmingham, including Solihull, and can have your car returned to its former glory in a matter of hours. The money we save on fewer man hours and materials also result in a cheaper price for you.

So if you own a car, van or motorbike that requires some much needed PDR, find out just how good Darren is and get in touch for a no obligation, free quotation

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