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Mobile Dent Repair with DentDevils: The dent removal experts

Paintless dent repair

If you discover a minor dent in the side of your vehicle, it can quickly ruin your day. The dent can be ignored for a while if your not particularly bothered about your vehicle’s appearance, but leave it for too long and you may leave yourself open to rust and then the problem can start to become more serious and costly. If the decision is made to remove the dent as soon as possible, but time is not on your side due to other commitments, then Dent Devils mobile car dent repair service can help.

At DentDevils we appreciate that with today’s busy lifestyles and time being a limited luxury, our customers are not always able to bring the offending dent to us, so offering a mobile dent repair service means our technicians will go to them. Once the DentDevil has arrived they will do what they do best while the customers can carry on with their day. The convenience of this service means the stress of an unexpected, unsightly dent can be forgotten, and does not change any existing plans.

There are two main methods of removing dents, one is called Glue Pulling, and as the names suggests involves approaching the dent from the exterior and carefully pulling the panel back into shape. The other is an innovative technique known as paintless dent repair (PDR).

What is Paintless Dent Repair ?

Paintless dent repair uses specialised tools to gently manoeuvre the damaged bodywork of a vehicle back into place from underneath the panels, in most cases leaving all paintwork untouched. Paintwork is only ever a problem if the impact that caused the dent scratched the paintwork, and then PDR may not be the solution. Most modern cars paint is remarkably flexible and durable so PDR will solve the problem a large percentage of the time.

The PDR process is not only popular because of how effective it is, but also because of how quickly the work can be completed. In most cases, the owner will be able to have their vehicle returned and looking as good as new in less than 3 hours.

Due to minor dents being a constant nuisance in the motoring world the use of PDR is often used to counteract the issue. As popular as it is, PDR is a specialist method that requires trained technicians to make sure the job is finished correctly. DentDevils are experts in dent removal so get in contact and we could be sending a mobile dent repair technician your way today.


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