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Winter is a time for fun-filled festivities in the lead up to Christmas and the first few months of the New Year. People are often travelling around the country visiting friends and family, for sale attending parties and of course shopping frantically in the sales. All of which may be good fun but is often bad news for car owners.

Perhaps you are out shopping in the sales, only to return to your car and find in the midst of the manic car parking, someone’s swung their door into the side of yours. Or, maybe even a rogue shopping trolley has spoilt the look of your lovely car.
You could even find yourself having packed the car for a weekend at friends over New Year and whilst hurriedly heading off to miss the traffic, you clip into the wheelie bin precariously positioned on your drive!

To make matters worse, statistics show that as temperatures drop below 7 degrees Celsius, 48% of car accidents are as a result of skidding. It could be a low speed impact in an icy car park or down a residential road that can cause that dent.
In conclusion – I think we can all agree that the winter weather coupled with people rushing around in the New Year is a recipe for dents and disasters!

Luckily, here at Dent Devils we have a team of specialists ready to assist you with any accidental damage you may fall victim to this winter. You can be certain that our technicians see this kind of damage all too regularly and with their expert assistance, your car will look as good as new in no time at all, in fact if one thing is for sure this winter it’s that you won’t even know there had ever been a dent once we have finished!

So if you need help from someone you can trust, please don’t hesitate get in touch and find out exactly what makes us the best.

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