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New Year, New Dents – How to Avoid Them!

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There is nothing worse than getting a dent in your car, tadalafil especially if it’s new. Now that the festive season is here, plenty of new vehicles will be on the road; given as a present from a loved one, or even as a Christmas treat for themselves!

Unfortunately, no matter how much a person looks after their car, dents are often inevitable. Whether your car is brand new or in need of some TLC, the New Year is the time to sort out any unwanted damage.

We discuss some methods that can be used over Christmas and into the New Year to ensure that dents are minimised:

Picky Parking

It can be time consuming but, when possible, you should try to find a safe parking spot away from other cars or potential risks to your vehicle. After all, where a car’s parked is a major factor when it comes to receiving unwanted dents!

If there are no parking spaces away from the other cars, park in corner – a spot where only one side of your vehicle is exposed.

It’s also handy to note that the more money the car parked next to you is worth, the better! The owner will be extremely conscious of denting their vehicle; so will go out of their way to ensure they are parked properly to avoid door dings. Who wants a dent in their Ferrari?

Car-ful Door Opening

Once you’ve parked, open your car door s-l-o-w-l-y.

Most dents happen when a car door is rammed open, hitting other vehicles, railings, or even curbs. Sometimes, the wind can even be the culprit. Regardless, dents are caused whether you’re at fault or not.

Hazardous Weather

We may not be due a white Christmas but rain, sleet or ice is bound to wreak havoc with cars over the coming months.

Not only can hail cause damaging dents to your vehicle, skidding on ice and knocking a bollard, or poor visibility due to a shower can mean you just don’t see the damage coming.

Try to keep your car in the garage or covered as much as possible in the winter months and avoid heading out in hazardous weather conditions.

It is virtually impossible to prevent dents on a vehicle, especially when most can’t be helped! A busy Christmas and New Year is the prime time for dents, that’s why Dent Devils are here. We’ll come to you to carry out dent removal and using our paintless dent repair technique, make your car flawless again.

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