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“Oh no, there’s a dent in my rental car!”

– Our minor dent repair specialists can help!

“I’ve got a dent in my rental car” is one of the last sentences you’ll ever want to have to utter to your hire company. After all, order you’ve got enough on your plate knowing that the car doesn’t actually belong to you, so discovering minor dents in your hire vehicle can be exasperating to say the least. Some drivers would have made sure that the insurance provided included cover for when a knock that was out of their control; whereas others do not possess such foresight and are subsequently left to find a quality mobile dent repair company to sort the problem out, for the best possible price.

So now what? You’ve spent enough money hiring the car out for a week and can’t afford to splash out even more money to get your minor dent repaired. So I guess the next best option is to mend the dent yourself right? No! In fact, this is last thing you should be considering. Unless, you’ve had experience repairing dents in the past, you could end up causing even more damage and costing you even more money than before!

After overcoming the inevitable sense of frustration, it’s important to remain composed in a situation such as this and to carry out your research on quality dent repair experts in the local area. Here at Dent Devils, we are experts in PDR with over 20 years of valuable experience. We carry out paintless dent removal to restore any dents where the paintwork has not been damaged, whilst using the specialised tools at our disposal to massage each panel back to its former glory.

Unlike your conventional car body shop, we can carry this out at your house or workplace and have the damage repaired in a matter of hours. Where our techniques avoid the use of harmful chemicals, we are able to get your rental car back on the road looking good as new. The need for fewer materials and less manpower also means that we can get the job completed to the highest standard, in no time at all and at a reasonable price.

So if you too have cried “I’ve got a dent in my rental car,” it’s important to remember that it’s not the end of the world. With expert assistance from those who know what they are doing, not only could you have the job completed to an exceptional standard but it doesn’t have to cost you the earth either. For help from the professionals give Dent Devils a call today!

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