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Our Mobile Dent Repair Specialists Talk: Road Accidents

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Road accidents occur all the time and can often mean that dents are inevitable but what are the most common causes of car accidents in the UK?

  • Distracted Driving – Believe it or not, drivers who are not on full alert whilst behind the steering wheel are one of the prime causes of car accidents in the UK. Even if the distraction is completely standard such as being engaged in a phone call through the hands free, or being too engrossed in a song on the radio. If the drivers attention is not directly on the road then an accident is more than likely to occur. This can easily be avoided by switching everything that has the capability of drawing your attention away from the road off (including mobile phones and the radio).
  • Speeding – Everyone has done it once or twice throughout their driving career, but don’t; It’s not worth the risk, OR the potential dents! The faster a vehicle goes, the slower the driver’s reaction time to roadside obstacles. Even if the speed is 5mph over the limit, it will still have an impact.
  • Tired Drivers – In movies, characters often fall asleep at the wheel so they continue their journey with cans of energy drink or attempt to prop their eyes open with matchsticks. In reality, car accidents are caused by drowsy drivers so If you feel tired before or during your car journey, then either get someone else to drive or don’t drive at all. Match sticks don’t prevent your eyes from closing in real life.
  • Weather Hazards – Unlike the causes listed above, the weather conditions are unpreventable. Strong wind, heavy rain, hailstones and snow are dangerous to drive in, but sometimes there is no choice. Therefore, as a driver you always have to be alert, so please ensure that you drive slow and carefully, paying attention to your surroundings.

It may be the case that a knock to your car isn’t even your fault. Nevertheless, if you are unfortunate enough to receive one due to one of these, or any other causes, then please do not hesitate to contact one of our experts at Dent Devils for fast and cost effective mobile dent removal!

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