Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Removal

A traditional paintless dent repair, (not to be confused with dentless paint removal!) is carried out using specialist rods and levers designed to access behind the damaged area and simply massage the panel back to its original profile. Over the last twenty-odd years, we have been at the forefront of designing and VWtrialling paintless dent removal tools in order that our technicians are equipped with the best and most effective equipment available. Specialist lighting or sighting aids have been developed and are used to highlight any imperfections in the profile of the panel and allow our technician to make corrections as required.

When observing a simple paintless ding repair being carried out, it will look like an extremely simple process that anyone can carry out. This is simply not the case! In order to make it look simple, our technicians have completed the most rigorous training known within our Industry, completing thousands of repairs in order to hone their skill. Much like the medical profession, research drives technology and like a paintless dent doctor, our technicians must keep up to date with current vehicle design and tooling to deliver the most complete, effective paintless dent removal service to our patients.

More complex or deep damage would require the technician to de-stress the panel by working both sides of the metal. When working on the painted side of the panel our technician may use a selection of soft plastic or highly polished steel impression tools to move areas of high, stressed metal back towards the low or dented area. For an uninformed observer, this may seem like a pointless and often harsh process. However for the professional technician, this is a key part of completing a perfect repair and should not be mistaken for a less competent technician correcting lift marks that they themselves put in the panel. Our advice is to call an ATA accredited PDR company and leave paintless dent removal to the professionals.

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