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Paintless Dent Repair: The Future In Dent Removal

Small dents in your vehicle can be a nightmare and they could even end up costing you a small fortune. But luckily Dent Devils are here! Our paintless dent removal technique works well and doesn’t cost a fortune. This quick, effective way to remove dents leaves your car as good as new.

What is paintless dent repair? The process uses specialised metal rods to push out the small dents from the inside. This allows no damage to any other part of the car. Is it new? No, it’s been around since the 60’s and the method just gets better with age. No doubt in a few years, the procedure will be quicker and better at tackling dents or there could be “do it yourself kits” but, as it stands, going to a company like Dent Devils is the best option if you have a small dent in your vehicle.

The joy of paintless dent removal is that the procedure can be completed almost anywhere on your car. The method is quick and easy and can be done at the client’s front door, saving them from having to make their way to a garage. The service is always done to the very highest standard by our Master Technicians and they never give up on a job until it is finished perfectly. We have been fixing your dents and dings for over 20 years so you can be sure that your car is safe in our hands.

“I have a dent in my rental car, am I still eligible for paintless dent removal?” Yes you are! No matter what vehicle is dented we will be able to fix it. “Will the price be more as it’s a rental?” No, the price will be the same if it’s a rental car! In fact, all types of vehicles are valid to get a small dent removed including cars, vans and motorbikes.

Paintless dent repair is great for fixing dents, it’s much quicker and better than any other method not to mention that it also costs less. It’s strange that not all car repairing services have moved to paintless dent removal as it would allow the company to fix more cars at a faster pace and provide a faster, more efficient service like that of Dent Devils.

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