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Paintless Dent Repair

As dent repair experts, we would cheekily name this blog the ‘DIY dent removal’. But in all sincerity, attempting PDR yourself when you haven’t been fully trained or hiring an amateur technician will more often than not lead to disaster. It doesn’t take much for a small ding to become larger and more unsightly than previously perceived and much like you wouldn’t build your house yourself (unless you’re familiar with construction) or hire a cowboy builder, paintless dent repair is best left to the professionals for no less than perfect results.

The image below portrays the inside of a door that has received numerous holes in the doorjambs. Not only was the operator unsuccessful in removing the blemish with paintless dent removal techniques, but they also failed to seal the drilled metal appropriately leaving it likely to rust. This unprofessional job resulted in having a whole new door fitted by a bodyshop and could have been avoided by using honest and reliable experts like the Dent Devils.









By not carrying out extensive research into the company that repairs your imperfection, you may be left feeling deflated and certainly lighter in the pocket! There are multiple examples of PDR gone wrong and a proportion derives from the needless drilling of the door panel. Although this technique is highly useful and, on occasions, vital in order to mend a ding, an experienced and skilled technician will always see if other methods will work before penetrating in hidden places.

This PDR fail pictured below was a result of work being rushed, like most things, you cannot put a time on a great paintless dent removal job and the dimples in the bodywork signal that the paint has been cracked in several places due to hurried repair. Although the original minor dents may have been removed, there is irretrievable damage to the paintwork that will result in another avoidable trip to a bodywork garage.


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When it comes to paintless dent repair there are a lots of online DIY methods of restoration. From hairdryers to placing dry ice directly on the panel these shortcut methods are all ill advised. Not only will you potentially bodge your car’s bodywork further, but also these approaches will never stand the test of time resulting in your minor dents returning in a matter or months or weeks. If you hire an inexperienced technician, you can run the risk of leaving your beloved vehicle vulnerable to further damage, so when researching mobile dent repair companies just remember that it really pays to hire the best in the business.


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