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There are many ways to assess a dent and its suitability for a paintless dent repair (PDR).

  • The diameter
  • The depth
  • The equation between diameter and depth
  • The stretch and scarring within the damage
  • The position on the panel
  • The availability of access to the back of the dent
  • The make and model of the car
  • The material used to form the body panels
  • The colour of the paint
  • The age and originality of the paint
  • How it was caused
  • The outside temperature on the day the damage occurred and the day it’s repaired.

We love a challenge and regularly repair dents that lesser companies have deemed irreparable!

Because all of these factors play a part in the repair process, each dent is as individual as a fingerprint.
Whilst two dents may look very similar, they will present very different challenges for the technician and require a very different approach to achieve a top quality repair.
On that basis, the pricing information is FOR GUIDE PURPOSES ONLY.
Please go to our online enquiry page where we can provide you with a personal quotation.
 small dent
      • Non Complex – Dings And Dents
        Typical causes: Car doors, supermarket trolleys etc.
        FROM £75 + VAT



med dent

      • Slightly Complex – Creases
        Typical causes: Push bikes, wheelie bins etc.
        FROM £100 + VAT



large dent

      • Complex – Heavy, Deep, Stretched and Inaccessible
        Typical causes: Vandal damage, hail damage, impact damage.
        We deal with these kind of dents on a daily basis; send us your pictures.
        FROM £POA + VAT


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