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Having your car fixed once it has been dented or damaged is stressful enough as it is without the added worry of finding a trusted professional to do the job properly. There is nothing worse than paying someone to work on your pride and joy and they are either untrained or carry out a sub standard job.

In recent years, there has been a rise in this kind of scam. People are getting caught out by these scam artists who charge a lot of money to repair damage that they aren’t qualified to fix. As people are so keen to have their dents repaired as soon as possible, their haste and lack of research into the company or individual carrying out the repairs is exploited. With simple planning and a few tips, you can avoid being the next victim of these car repair con artists.

  • Thoroughly check any individual or company you plan to use for your dent removal. The Internet is full of review pages so make use of them; too many complaints from previous customers might mean they aren’t the most reliable option.
  • Check that they are a licensed company and that the technician carrying out the work on your car is fully trained.
  • Unless you have already had work done with a particular company before and you were delighted with the outcome, always get a second or third opinion or possibly even another price from a different company for comparison.
  • Check any repairs carefully the moment you pick your car up and bring up anything you are unhappy with there and then.

Incompetent dent repair ‘specialists’  often end up costing car owners more money when it comes to re-repairing badly botched dent fix-ups. So to save you time and added stress in your search for dent repair specialists, look no further than Dent Devils.

Our experienced master technicians only ever lavish your car with love and care, in addition we won’t have you waiting around for hours and we won’t take you for a ride with unexpected high bills.
If you car deserves the best please contact a member of our team today!

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