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Once in a while, unhealthy life can surprise us with a dent in my company car that we didn’t expect to see. Providing we think on our feet and act quickly these can be handled, search causing little to no disruption. However, shop some incidents are impossible to avoid and then it’s time to call in some much needed help. Finding minor dents on your vehicle is hard to prepare for but with the small dent removal specialists on hand to help, there is no need to worry.

Using the UK’s number one dent repair experts is one way of making unsightly damage go away quickly without costing you an arm and a leg. Providing the paintwork hasn’t been damaged our skilled technicians will be able to rectify your car’s bodywork with the use of PDR (paintless dent repair), which will leave you wondering if there ever was a dent in the first place.

Here [...]

 ‘I’ve found a dent in my company car’

This is probably not what you want to be thinking when you return to your business vehicle to find unpleasant damage. Fortunately, paintless dent removal may be the answer to perfecting your panels without the need for awkward and time-consuming appointments to your local car garage.

Many insurance policies will automatically cover you and your company vehicle when travelling to your usual place of work, but things can get a little trickier when you have multiple offices or personal cover combined. As you probably know, this type of insurance is costly and so claiming for bumper dent repair or anything else, can have an adverse effects on your premium.

At Dent Devils we offer affordable dent repair, which usually has far less impact on your wallet than paying an insurance excess would. We can carry out bumper dent repair and can remove indentations from any panel of [...]

 ‘I’ve got a dent in my company car’ is one of the last sentences that you’ll ever want to have to utter to your superior or colleagues. Having new business wheels seems to attract a fair share of damage and your company vehicle can become a magnet to minor dents.

Although your employer should have a corporate insurance policy it can still be an embarrassing conversation to have if you’ve dented a company car, especially if this isn’t the first or second time! Fortunately, there are ways in which you can avoid acquiring the odd ding here or there such as parking in an end space, parking on a drive or garage rather than in the street and leaving your car further away from the shops- yes this means an extra walk, but you’re far less likely to incur any damages.

If you have suffered damage we know how exasperating it can be when you’re blamed [...]

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