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‘I’ve dented my rental car’ you wail! Sadly, find this is an all too common occurrence that we at Dent Devils see very often. But before you let it ruin your trip, pharmacy give us a call to assist with any minor dents that you may have incurred.

It can be infuriating to have to stump up for a dent in a rental car especially when it’s wasn’t your fault. Supermarket trolley dents and even a parking dent are all everyday occurrences that will effect your bodywork, cure but rather than take it straight to a bodyshop or contact your insurance provider, why not consider paintless dent removal?

We are the Dent Devils, and as our name suggests, we are the experts in PDR with over 20 years of valuable experience. Paintless dent removal is carried out by using specialised tools to get behind the panel of your vehicle and skilfully manipulate out an indentation, [...]

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