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Road accidents occur all the time and can often mean that dents are inevitable but what are the most common causes of car accidents in the UK?

Distracted Driving – Believe it or not, drivers who are not on full alert whilst behind the steering wheel are one of the prime causes of car accidents in the UK. Even if the distraction is completely standard such as being engaged in a phone call through the hands free, or being too engrossed in a song on the radio. If the drivers attention is not directly on the road then an accident is more than likely to occur. This can easily be avoided by switching everything that has the capability of drawing your attention away from the road off (including mobile phones and the radio). Speeding – Everyone has done it once or twice throughout their driving career, but don’t; It’s not worth the risk, OR the [...]

Having your car fixed once it has been dented or damaged is stressful enough as it is without the added worry of finding a trusted professional to do the job properly. There is nothing worse than paying someone to work on your pride and joy and they are either untrained or carry out a sub standard job.

In recent years, there has been a rise in this kind of scam. People are getting caught out by these scam artists who charge a lot of money to repair damage that they aren’t qualified to fix. As people are so keen to have their dents repaired as soon as possible, their haste and lack of research into the company or individual carrying out the repairs is exploited. With simple planning and a few tips, you can avoid being the next victim of these car repair con artists.

Thoroughly check any individual or company you plan to use [...]

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