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‘What is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) and what can it fix?’ or ‘ What are the advantages of PDR?’ These are all questions that we at Dent Devils get asked on a regular basis and we want to take this opportunity to review them for you and put a few myths to bed.

What is PDR?

Firstly, Paintless Dent Repair is a technique that requires our technicians to use their specially designed tools to massage a dent from the underside and without the need to use paint fillers. Providing the paintwork on your vehicle has not been damaged, we can gain access behind the indentation and restore your car to new.

Before PDR, hail damage and minor dents meant a trip to the body shop. This is now an outdated solution that once required you to spend over the odds to get a relatively simple problem solved. Fortunately, PDR is has since been invented, which [...]

With the weather becoming warmer, you’ll be excused for turning your attention towards the summer. Most of you will probably want to be cruising along the winding country roads with your sunroof down (if you’ve got one). However, winter may have been particularly damaging to your vehicle, and any dents can cause further damage if they’re not handled promptly once inflicted.

For example, ignoring that minor scratch on the side of your car could result in rust or corrosion after having fun in the sun. So, have you taken time to inspect your vehicle and made sure that your pride and joy is ready for the summer? No?

Whether you like it or not, winter can be gruelling on your bodywork. The occasional hailstorm is just one of the ways that your car may have achieved a few dings. When exposed to the strong sunlight and summer heat, that tiny bump can easily become a far [...]

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