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If you live in East Sussex or the surrounding areas and have had an unfortunate knock to your car, here Dent Devils can provide the perfect solution for getting rid of any unsightly and annoying dents in your car body.

Whether you’ve had someone open their car door onto your vehicle, thumb or have had an unfortunate run-in with a shopping trolley or wheelie bin, cost we can get your car looking as good as new. Here at Dent Devils, we use a technique called Paintless Dent Repair, which means our highly trained experts are able to massage and manipulate the dent using specialist tools, until the panel is back to its original state. This procedure leaves virtually no trace of the dent and our customers are often amazed at the flawless results we can achieve. Also, where there is no need for any fillers or paint, this technique is an eco-friendly alternative to other [...]

Dent Repair in Walsall

Mobile dent repairs

Do you live in Walsall and have you dented or dinged your vehicle?

Whether you own your car or have a rental van it doesn’t matter to Dent Devils. Our dedicated team see quality dent repair as a very simple four step process.

PDR and Dent Repair in wasall and Cannock.

1. You phone us with a problem
2. We establish when we can fix said issue
3. We repair the dent to the very best standard
4. You no longer have a problem

We know it sounds ridiculously simple and we are aware that many companies should run their businesses like this but they just don’t, doctor and that’s why we are the best in the industry.

Take Andrew Fogarty, stomach one of our technicians for example.

He is [...]

Are you thinking of selling on your car but are worried that dents will reduce its appeal to potential buyers?

It can be difficult to sell on a vehicle which has visible signs of wear and tear on the body, however you may be understandably reluctant to shell out large amounts of money for bodyshop repairs and simply want a quick and easy sale. Dent Devils provides a perfect solution for this predicament, as we can use Paintless Dent Repair techniques to eradicate minor dents from your car, restoring it to its previous condition. This is done without altering the vehicle’s original paintwork or using fillers, meaning without the problem of colour matching, the repair is entirely unnoticeable. With prices starting from just £75.00 for small dents, we can offer a real alternative for those of you who want to make the selling on process both easy on the eye and on the pocket.

In [...]

When selling or part exchanging your vehicle, you naturally hope for the best price possible. As dent repair experts, we know that the physical appearance of your car is one of the determining factors when it comes to a potential buyer assessing its value. Our expert team feel it is important to spend a little bit of time and effort preparing your vehicle so it looks in tip top condition ready for resale. Even just a clean can add extra pounds!

However, depending on how long you’ve owned your car the wear and tear in the form of minor dents can be quite visible and no amount of elbow grease or polish will disguise a dent in the car panel or a dink or dent in the car bumper.

For those of you hoping to sell your car it is most definitely worth investing in dent repair from the best paintless dent removal company around [...]

Mobile Dent Repair

Across the UK - Meet the Dent Devils.

Every year millions of people across UK are involved in some form of low speed accident in a motor vehicle, what with the predicted harsh winter ahead of us in 2015, the number of cars involved in these accidents that require mobile dent repair seems likely to rise. So it may be time to start looking for someone to remove those future dents, don’t you think?
Often, people will pay extortionate amounts of money to repair minor dents on the body of their vehicle. The methods used to remove dents usually involve repainting or filling the damaged area, which can be time consuming in addition to expensive and we can assure you is exceptionally unnecessary.
Further to this, how can you be sure that the person working on your car knows exactly what they’re doing? Well, this is where Dent Devils master technicians come in.

When you trust Dent Devils, you are sure [...]

Winter is a time for fun-filled festivities in the lead up to Christmas and the first few months of the New Year. People are often travelling around the country visiting friends and family, for sale attending parties and of course shopping frantically in the sales. All of which may be good fun but is often bad news for car owners.

Perhaps you are out shopping in the sales, only to return to your car and find in the midst of the manic car parking, someone’s swung their door into the side of yours. Or, maybe even a rogue shopping trolley has spoilt the look of your lovely car.
You could even find yourself having packed the car for a weekend at friends over New Year and whilst hurriedly heading off to miss the traffic, you clip into the wheelie bin precariously positioned on your drive!

To make matters worse, statistics show that as temperatures [...]

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