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This is a question that the team here at Dent Devils receive regularly, ‘does paintless dent repair work on motorbikes?’ and although in general we do restore minor dents on bikes, we repair each one on a case-by-case basis.

Due to the fact that PDR is performed by expertly manipulating a depression from the underside of a panel, in some cases, particularly where motorcycle fuel tanks are concerned, things can get a little trickier. When removing a ding from a tank, our mobile car dent repair technician will usually drain your motorcycle of fuel before carrying out the dent repair.

This isn’t to say that Dent Devils mobile dent repair won’t work for you, just that it’s a little more challenging a PDR service to perform. Due to this, we make sure that all of our technicians have an incredible amount of experience and patience necessary to understanding the dynamics of the appropriate leverage and [...]

‘What is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) and what can it fix?’ or ‘ What are the advantages of PDR?’ These are all questions that we at Dent Devils get asked on a regular basis and we want to take this opportunity to review them for you and put a few myths to bed.

What is PDR?

Firstly, Paintless Dent Repair is a technique that requires our technicians to use their specially designed tools to massage a dent from the underside and without the need to use paint fillers. Providing the paintwork on your vehicle has not been damaged, we can gain access behind the indentation and restore your car to new.

Before PDR, hail damage and minor dents meant a trip to the body shop. This is now an outdated solution that once required you to spend over the odds to get a relatively simple problem solved. Fortunately, PDR is has since been invented, which [...]

As dent repair experts, we would cheekily name this blog the ‘DIY dent removal’. But in all sincerity, attempting PDR yourself when you haven’t been fully trained or hiring an amateur technician will more often than not lead to disaster. It doesn’t take much for a small ding to become larger and more unsightly than previously perceived and much like you wouldn’t build your house yourself (unless you’re familiar with construction) or hire a cowboy builder, paintless dent repair is best left to the professionals for no less than perfect results.

The image below portrays the inside of a door that has received numerous holes in the doorjambs. Not only was the operator unsuccessful in removing the blemish with paintless dent removal techniques, but they also failed to seal the drilled metal appropriately leaving it likely to rust. This unprofessional job resulted in having a whole new door fitted by a bodyshop and could have [...]

From time to time cars will need a dent repaired as a result of careless parking. Although we are here to help in cases such as these we do have some advice in order for you to avoid incidents such as these.

Most people will assume that parking their car in the garage is safer than leaving it on the street. However, clinic this is only the case in garages that are free of clutter. Any space that is left in a mess could dent your car.

Even when parking, price you should try to avoid settling for anywhere just so that you have a space. Trying to find room in a car park, case which is nearly full, or deciding to fit your vehicle into a tight space can be hugely frustrating. It is quite possibly the case though that another car door could open onto your vehicle if you haven’t left enough space [...]

Minor dents pop up (well, in) when you least expect them to. With the weather finally turning warmer, we can officially say that spring has arrived, so you should consider having your car thoroughly cleaned, now more than ever, especially since it was exposed to such the harsh wintery conditions not so long ago.

If you happen to find any, now is the time to get that dent repaired! At Dent Devils our paintless dent repair specialists can repair small dents and dings the same day you discover them. We pride ourselves on correcting the issue with minimal fuss and getting your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible. What’s more, we can also come to your work or home so you no longer have to factor in the time to drive to a garage and wait for the bodywork repair to be undertaken.

When it comes to maintenance, it’s always good to begin [...]

With the weather becoming warmer, you’ll be excused for turning your attention towards the summer. Most of you will probably want to be cruising along the winding country roads with your sunroof down (if you’ve got one). However, winter may have been particularly damaging to your vehicle, and any dents can cause further damage if they’re not handled promptly once inflicted.

For example, ignoring that minor scratch on the side of your car could result in rust or corrosion after having fun in the sun. So, have you taken time to inspect your vehicle and made sure that your pride and joy is ready for the summer? No?

Whether you like it or not, winter can be gruelling on your bodywork. The occasional hailstorm is just one of the ways that your car may have achieved a few dings. When exposed to the strong sunlight and summer heat, that tiny bump can easily become a far [...]

Dents can be the most infuriating and are often followed by a thump of the fist, a huge sigh and grinding of your teeth. Although they may carry the reputation of being expensive and time consuming to repair, with the availability of paintless dent removal, this doesn’t have to be the case. Providing the paintwork has not been damaged, we can gain access behind the dent and restore your car to it’s original factory finish. It’s no surprise that more people are turning to PDR as a solution, after learning the advantages that come with it.
In comparison to traditional methods of body repair, paintless dent removal is far more beneficial. Where there is no re-spraying involved the entire procedure can be completed in as little as a few minutes to a couple of hours.

General methods of dent repair can be far more complex. Dependant on the size of the dent, the repair technician [...]

It doesn’t matter where the damage to your care is so long as its not disastrous and our technicians can gain access to the dent from behind. If your dent fits these criteria our skilled professionals will be able to restore the area to its factory finish. This reliable method has been used since 1974, cost whilst tweaked and changed according to ever changing vehicle designs.

A ding from another car door or low impact knock usually results in minor damage. Our skilled technicians see this kind of dent daily and it doesn’t pose them any problems. Larger softer dents can often be repaired with PDR (Paintless Dent Repair). We have developed special tools that allow us to gain access to areas we were previously unable to reach and as the paintwork remains unaltered, viagra there is no risk of a colour mismatch. Another advantage of using Dent Devils is your warranty will remain intact [...]

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