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Teenagers And Insurance – Get Your Dent Repaired With Dent Devils: Insurance Series Part Two

What if my teenager picks up a minor dent? How can I save money on my teenagers insurance?

As adults we understand what it feels like to have cheaper car insurance, but this isn’t necessarily the case for our teenage children. Driving is expensive and when you consider the fact that you have to buy a car, pay for the insurance, petrol and maintenance, large sums of money can go towards driving. Sometimes it feels as though we are paying over the odds for our children to drive and with young drivers representing the most expensive demographic to insure, should we be surprised? Allegedly, teenagers are seen as careless drivers and seemingly are going to require someone to repair small dent over other age groups, thus causing the price of their insurance to increase. Before you decide it’s simply too expensive for your teen to drive, there are certain points you should first consider.

Even after receiving their licence your child doesn’t have to stop taking lessons. In fact, some insurers will offer up 15% off to drivers who take additional classes. Programmes available include Pass Plus, a training course that takes at least 6 hours to complete and will help to further improve your teenagers driving ability.

A little comparison-shopping cannot hurt when looking for the best deal either. Just because you’ve been with one insurer for a long period of time doesn’t mean that they will give you a top price. Insurers view young adults differently and will have different rates for your child as a result. You shouldn’t ever settle for the first quote and so it’s recommended that you phone several companies about your proposed policy.

Whether your child approves or not, black boxes may be the way forward. Drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 are said to be at a greater risk of having an accident than any other age group. With the black box, you can monitor their driving ability and assess what speeds someone is travelling at. Driving will give your teenager an extra sense of freedom to begin with, so if they know someone’s watching their every journey, they may decide to drive more sensibly as a result and are less likely to pick up any minor dents. In turn, some insurance companies may offer a discount to your child in years to come as well, where they are seen as more responsible.

Will your teen be going for long journeys in the car? Sometimes it is worth pointing out to the insurer that your teenager won’t be travelling far in their car. In fact, you may be able to arrange a discount with them in the range of 5-15%. This is particularly useful for those that plan to drive to work or school only. The longer someone drives for the greater the chances are that they will grow tired and may pick up further minor dents, if this happens, then contact Dent Devils for a quote today.

The model of the car can have a huge impact on insurance so consider this when looking for cover. All of the relevant safety features should be in place, including air bags that work, anti-lock brakes, seatbelts and head restraints to help gain a more competitive deal.

The cost of your child’s coverage will increase if they get a ticket. It should go without saying, but they should always wear a seat belt, they shouldn’t speed and should stop at appropriate traffic lights. Now these may seem obvious suggestions, but people break the law on a regular basis. Don’t let your teen be one of them.

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