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The Car Dent Repair Expert’s Top Tips for Cleaning your Car

Washing your car provides the perfect opportunity to have a closer look for any knocks and dents that you may not have noticed previously. If an imperfection is discovered, viagra dosage fear not, viagra sale at DentDevils we are not only car dent repair specialists but also just a phone call away! In the mean time, abortion we wanted to give you some helpful advice for making sure your vehicle gets the best clean possible.

1) The most common mistake to be made when washing cars is rushing. So many of us can’t wait to see the sun beaming off our polished cars that we forget the preparation. Thoroughly rinse your car with a hose or use buckets of water before you do anything, there is the possibility that tiny stones or grit might be lurking on your paintwork. If you start dragging them around with a sponge the end result will not be the shining image you envisaged, but a collection of ugly scratches instead.

2) Now the top layer of loose dirt has been cleaned away, you are ready to make your car gleam. As much as certain marks can be stubborn, remember not to scrub with all your might in the hope you will get rid of the smudge. Too much pressure will lead to damaging your vehicles paintwork, or can even http://ed-trio.com cause minor dents if too much force is used. Consequently, this could see you paying for an unnecessary re-spray or small dent removal.

Take a wet sponge or cloth and press it gently against the stubborn spot, leave for around 10 seconds before wiping down, this is the easiest and most gentle way to loosen tough dirt without running the risk of having to contact your favourite small dent car repair professionals needlessly.

3) Choosing to wash your vehicle on a sunny day may seem like the tempting option, but we don’t advise doing so when the sun is at its highest. Any leftover soap still sitting on your vehicle, when drying under direct sunlight, will cause unsightly water spots thus completely defeating the object of cleaning the car in the first place. We recommend finding a shaded area to wash your car or wait until early evening when the sun is no longer at its hottest.

Here at DentDevils, car dent repair is something we take seriously. We genuinely care for our customer’s vehicles and strive to get them looking as good as new. We cant help wash your car, but if any minor dents are discovered during it’s clean, call our expert technicians to have them removed at an affordable price. Get in touch today.

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