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The Dent Removal Experts Answer: What Is Paintless Dent Repair?

Understandably, our technicians are frequently asked about PDR: “What is paintless dent repair? How does it work? What does it involve?” After all, many of our customers leave the experts to get on with the dent repair and do not know what it involves. As a result, our Dent Removal specialists wanted to explain all there is to know about our small dent car repair methods.

Paintless dent repair, also known as PDR, is an innovative procedure that has a number of distinct benefits to both the technician and the customer. Firstly, our experienced dent removal technician will begin with deciding on the best way to reach the damaged area from behind the panels. They will then use a selection of bespoke tools to massage the pane back into place, resulting in minimal contact with the exterior of your car.

Minor dent repair with the use of PDR is also far less invasive to a vehicle, because there is a reduction of parts being stripped. Whether a dent needs repairing on the roof or the door panel, our DentDevils are specially trained to reach these areas with minimal disruption. A traditional bodyshop will usually remove a number of large parts before reaching the intended area, which not only risks further damage and takes longer, but also it will essentially cost the customer more.

As the name suggests, a vehicle repaired with PDR does not require a re-paint. In turn, saving us a huge amount of time where the need for paint matching, filling and sanding is eliminated. However, it’s important to bare in mind that if your car’s paintwork has been damaged during an accident, then it may not be a candidate for paintless dent removal. Fortunately, most modern cars, these days, have durable paintwork that should withstand a hard impact.

Our knowledgeable dent removal technicians take fewer steps to rectify minor dents thanks to the use of PDR. The process is not only quicker, which means the turnaround time is less, but also the price we offer our customers is always competitive. We believe quality dent repairs shouldn’t have to be expensive.

Minor dent repair with DentDevils is carried out with the customer in mind. We offer a convenient, affordable and high quality service; so if the time arises where your vehicle needs some TLC, get in touch with the UK’s number 1 dent removal experts.


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