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What Types of Damage Can Paintless Dent Repair Fix?

At Dent Devils, our highly trained Master Technicians are experts in a service known as Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), which is a specialist way of removing dents from vehicle bodies using specific tools, rods and techniques. Unlike body shop garages who charge premium rates on such repairs, we use a straightforward, fast approach which gives seamless results for a fraction of the cost and time. In the industry, it is considered the best way of removing unsightly dents. On top of all of this, PDR couldn’t be more convenient – with our Mobile Dent Repair Service, which operates throughout the UK, our highly qualified technicians can come directly to your house, street or place of work to sort out the damage.

Although there are a wide variety of dings and dents we can remove to give a flawless finish, unfortunately not every dent can be repaired by PDR. For example, if the damage is severe enough to chip or crack the paintwork, this will require re-spraying and possibly filling. The effectiveness of a repair can also be hindered if the dent is too large or has had previous repair work.

Here are the main culprits that cause the kind of dents we specialise in fixing.

Wheelie Bins

Every household has one, or maybe more, and they are a common cause of the hundreds of dents we repair on a daily basis. Whether it’s due to a windy day or an accidental knock when reversing, people often aren’t aware of them when they are in the way.

Minor Collisions

However minor, collisions are a cause of small dents and dings. No matter how careful you are when parking or driving in general, unfortunately, accidents do happen but when they do, Dent Devils can help.

Hail Damage

Another major culprit and there isn’t really much we can do about it, other than to park undercover where possible. However, when it does strike, Dent Devils can guarantee the best quality repairs at the fairest prices.

Shopping Trollies

Last but by no means least, the dreaded shopping trolley. Whether they are blown into your car or crash in to a side panel whilst out of control, they can do some real damage to your vehicle.

Whether your dent was caused by any of the above or perhaps you’re still wondering whether your dent means you qualify for paintless dent repair, send us a picture of the damage and fill out an enquiry form and we’ll be touch.

Dent Devils are the UK’s leading dent repair experts, so we can guarantee your vehicle will be in the best hands with our highly skilled technicians.

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