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When is the right time for paintless dent repair?

In the dent removal industry, PDR is the most effective way to restore the look of your damaged vehicle. When carried out by our expert technicians it is a quick, reliable method that allows us to get motorists back on the road without leaving them a huge bill to pay. So is PDR the solution for all dents?

Paintless dent repair is ideal for vehicles that may have picked up dents without affecting the paintwork. PDR work is often carried out from the underside of your car panel, so the work completed means any contact with the exterior or paintwork is side stepped. Essentially, PDR is a convenient alternative to traditional workshops. What was once a stressful and costly procedure is now in fact stress free and affordable.

Our customers will frequently bring their dented vehicles in to us is because of weather related issues. Minor dent repair is usually required after hail. Small dings are usually found peppered all over the cars bodywork. Windy weather is also another reason for a large number of damaged vehicles. Rogue bins and trollies are constantly being blown directly into parked cars, combined with swinging gates and loose branches unexpectedly hitting your car… before you know it the panel would have been pushed further out of shape.

Our customers may also need car dent repair due to minor accidents where another driver has bumped into them whilst the car was parked in a car park or has collided into the back of them, whilst driving. As long as the paintwork remains intact, these incidents will make your car a candidate for paintless dent repair.

There are a number of advantages to using paintless dent repair but the most innovative ways in which PDR has changed the industry is its ability to go mobile. Mobile dent repair can resolve any problems distressed drivers may have due to their busy schedules, where they don’t have any available time to visit a traditional bodyshop. Our experienced DentDevils are able to work their magic on our customer’s cars in a location that best suits them.

Dent removal is what we do best, with years of experience and an abundance of knowledge; we really are the UK’s number one professional dent repair service. Contact us if you would like your car restored to its original form, you will be amazed at the results.

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