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Dent Devils The Cost effective Dent Repair Experts: Car Parking Advice

If you are looking for a dent repair service you are in the right place. The Dent Devils team will be happy to help remove any minor dents you might have,  but avoiding dents in the first place can be an even cheaper option.

Not all dents are our own fault, cheap but thinking carefully about where we park can help side step any incidents. We wanted to share our top tips to help you avoid any damage to your vehicle.

Garage Parking

Parking in our own private garage would seem like the safest option by far, and to a certain extent it is. Vehicles can be parked up and protected from the elements or any potential vandalism. However, garages have become extensions of our homes and are generally filled with items that no longer fit in the house. Items hanging from the wall or balancing precariously on top of each other lead to a difficult space to park in. Keeping the garage tidy and organised with only the essential items stored in there will make parking easier for you. By keeping your garage clutter free, you prevent any accidental damage before it can happen.

Leaving your car in unknown areas overnight.

There are times when you will have to leave your vehicle in unfamiliar territory, perhaps whilst visiting friends. If this is the case, take a moment to look around and assess any potential risks in the area. Try to park as close as possible to well lit areas as after dark is usually when any vandalism will happen. Take note of where others are parking, close enough that your car is in full view of other residents homes and therefore less likely to be vandalised but not so close to others that it’s overcrowded and liable to get a knock.

Car Parks

Car parks are a hotbed for minor dents. If you have the option to park well away from other cars, make sure you do. If car parking spaces are limited and the car park is pretty busy, try your best to park next to a vehicle that seems well looked after. If a car is looking worse for wear, the owner will likely not care about anyone else’s either and will probably not think twice about opening their car door into yours or carelessly reversing. It’s all about anticipating what might happen to avoid the risks.

Accidents do happen and unless you decide to wrap your car in bubble wrap the chances are you will have to deal with a minor dent or two at some point. If you should find yourself looking for affordable dent repair, contact Dent Devils today on 01206 751536 to see how our highly experienced team can help.